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  • Does your carpet show dark wear in open areas
  • Is the grout in your tile floor stained, discolored or dirty
  • Pet stains or odors in your carpet

These are all typical challenges every homeowner faces. Avoiding them can lead to permanent staining. Fixing them is easy and every service comes with Free, On Going Support to keep your carpets looking beautiful long term.

Carpet Cleaning

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Eliminate pet odors and stains with your carpet cleaning service

  • Detailed vacuuming
  • Option of steam cleaning or very low moisture
  • Odor eliminator and stain removal
  • Scotchgard finish protector {upon request}
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Trouble Keeping Your Grout Clean?


Tile and grout cleaning & sealing.

  • Steam cleaning to flush out grout and vacuum away in 1 easy step
  • Quick Service only takes 1-2 hours typically
  • Seal grout to give long term protection

Grout sealing is included at no additional charge

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Your tile and grout surfaces can be restored with the most advanced process available for ceramic, porcelain and stone tile. With proper maintenance, your tile surfaces will retain their “like new” appearance for many years to come. To help you maximize your investment, we have prepared a newsletter for you and your as a reference.

The long-term buildup of soil particles, detergent residue, and hard water mineral deposits caused your tile, stone and grout surfaces to dull, discolor, and appear unsanitary. These accumulations resulted from the absorbent nature of porous tile and grout and the inability of conventional cleaning procedures to maintain tile surfaces to a clean and sanitary appearance.

Even if you elected to replace your tile or grout, the porous nature of them would exist, resulting in a dingy and dirty appearance within a short period of time.Method’s cleaning and sealing system provides a protective shield to your grout making them non-porous, easy to clean and resistant to future embedded contamination.


Drinks getting spilled, pet hair and stains, people tracking in mud, snow, and outdoor dirt and allergens settle into carpets day after day. A professional cleaning every year or year and a half will protect the fibers, keep colors brighter, and help to get rid of accumulated dust and allergens regular sweeping or vacuuming cleaning can miss. For individuals looking to hire a professional, here are carpet cleaning buyers guide tips.
Determine what kind of carpet you have and. If available, contact and ask the manufacturer where the carpet or rug was purchased what their recommendation is for the best method for cleaning the carpet or rug you want cleaned.

Choose a carpet cleaning contractor with a good reputation. There are many companies to choose from, and it is worth the time it takes to find out if the contractor has good references. Any reputable contractor will be eager to provide references and contact information to anyone interested in acquiring their services. Be sure to follow up with names and contact information received. An individual can also check with friends and family members who will be a good resource of information on a contractor’s ability to perform a good job.
Before any work is started, for a quote to find out how much it will cost to have your carpet or rug cleaned. The cost will depend on the total size to be cleaned, and whether or not any additional charges will be added if furniture needs to be moved. It is generally a good idea to have the quote in writing.


The two most commonly used methods used by professional carpet cleaners are deep cleaning or light surface cleaning. Deep cleaning, also sometimes known as hot water extraction, cleans deep down into the carpet fibers with the use of a machine that sprays a cleaning agent onto the carpet pile and then removes dirt and soil with water that is contained in the cleaning machine. Many carpet industry experts suggest using this method over other options to ensure a better result.

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