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Carpet Cleaning Buffalo NY

What type of carpeting do you have? This can make a big difference on what is the best way to clean and maintain carpeted areas. The most common are Nylon, Olefin, Polyester and Wool. Some of this depends on the industry, polyester is far more common in apartment buildings, condo’s while nylon in class A office space, medical offices. Olefin is popular in almost any commercial space. Wool mostly higher end hotels, maybe financial service companies.

Each of these fibers have a pro and con to them and when we inspect and identify what a client has we can then provide a quote on the best maintenance plan. Some examples are:

  • Olefin does not absorb water but really likes oil and oil based products. Also wears easiest in high traffic areas.
  • Nylon is very resilient but prone to staining from beverage and food spills
  • Wool absorbs water the most and can shrink if water is not extracted fully and dried properly

Each of these carpets pose different challenges to a carpet cleaner and why its important we inspect the areas. 

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Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Coffee getting spilled, people tracking in mud, snow and outdoor soil. Allergens settle into office carpets day after day.

Tile & Grout Cleaning

Your hard tile and grout surfaces can be restored with the most advanced steam cleaning process available, including ceramic, porcelain and stone tile. 

VCT Floor Stripping & Waxing

One of the first things your customers notice when they walk into your building is the condition of the floors. 

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Grout steam cleaning buffalo ny

Tired of struggling with floor cleaning? We are here to help…

The #1 cleaning complaint in offices is the condition of the restroom. We specialize in steam cleaning tile and grout restroom floors. With our system steam gets into and cleans the pores of grout, then extracting soil away to our high powered van based system in one simple step. 

For a successful tile & grout cleaning project it is important to pay attention to the type of grout installed. Most commercial buildings the grout is the main problem and attracts dirt the most.

After cleaning we can then seal the grout reaching the areas below the surface, that is the part we can’t see that can be several centimeters thick. If we can coat those areas then dirt will be repelled and just lay on top to be mopped up or wiped with a cloth.


How much does it cost to have carpets cleaned ?

This is always going to be the number one question for building managers and homeowners “what are average carpet cleaning prices”. How much will it cost to clean the carpet in my office space? It can be a pretty wide range from .10 cents a sqr foot up to .50 cents a square foot and everything in-between.

Some of the variables carpet cleaners take in account when putting together an estimate.

  • Business objectives
  • Frequency per year
  • Last time cleaned
  • Condition of carpet and carpet style
  • Type of soiling
  • Parking and access
  • Scheduling
  • Furniture moving
  • Cubicles versus wide open areas

Sometimes an owner intends on replacing soon and other times the carpet is newer and an owner/manager plans on keeping it for the next 10 years.

Carpet Steam Cleaning or Encapsulation (low moisture)

Commercial office building’s have significantly more foot traffic and people than a residential home. Depending on if the space is serving the public like a retail building or private office that only offers business to business services, foot traffic can vary from a couple dozen people to hundreds and even thousands per day.

This is why creating a dedicated carpet cleaning program for commercial space is so valuable. The goal for most managers and owners is to prolong the life of their carpeting and get the highest possible return on their investment.

The type of soil found can vary greatly based on the industry of the company. Some examples are food service areas like restaurants, manufacturing and industrial plants, professional office space (insurance, accountants, lawyers, etc) and retail.


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