3 Carpet Cleaning Problems To Avoid

Introducing 3 simple carpet cleaning problems to avoid when business managers, property owners and homeowners hire a professional service. Whenever hiring a service there is a handful of topics to be aware of.

  1. Fiber Identification
  2. Vacuuming
  3. Cleaning Pie

I can understand how frustrating it can be to hire contractors, we hire contractors ourselves for various services. What we have found is to try and simplify the topic into main categories. Often when dealing with an expert they can go down the rabbit hole on the details.

Matter of fact we do this sometimes with our blogs. However, customers do not need to know every hyper-technical detail but instead just some basic categories.

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carpet cleaning problems to avoid buffalo ny

Carpet Fiber Identification

First is carpet fiber ID, professional services can’t offer solutions until we first know what the carpeting is made of. While it might not seem important, how we would clean a carpet can completely change based on the style, fiber.

Two examples:

Nylon– nylon does hold water, it is also very resilient and springs back great after a cleaning. However, nylon is prone to staining and be cleaning solution sensitive after a certain point.

Olefin– on the other hand is the opposite. This fiber sometimes comes in Berber style very common in new home builds. On the other hand, olefin wears out easier and will not spring back always after a cleaning.

Contrary to nylon this carpeting is very stain resistant and not sensitive to cleaning solutions. Most spots/stains will come out and professional cleaners can use stronger detergents.

The Key To Success Is Vacuuming

While this may sound odd at first, vacuuming is critical to success. Anywhere from 75-85% of carpet cleaning is dry soil removal, vacuuming. Because of the importance of this task, always vacuum first and/or require the service to do so also. End of the day it doesn’t matter who does but somebody needs to.

If you think about it, imagine adding water to a pile of dirt. It would turn into mud, right? That’s exactly what happens

Understanding The Cleaning Pie

Just like solving any problem in business and life, success comes from several variables happening all at once. Everyone rowing in the same direction if you will. For carpet cleaning, there is 4 main variables that are important. If one is absent then we have to make it up with another.

The Four Variables Are:

  1. Heat- hot water, most cleaning products will move faster and clean better as the temperature of the water rises. Up to a certain point
  2. Time- how long we let the cleaning solution dwell and do its job
  3. Agitation- power scrubbing with a brush machine
  4. Cleaning Solutions- using the right product for the right soil, stain. Citrus for example is great for oil, industrial type of oils.
Shane Deubell

Shane Deubell

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