Safety Steps for Homeowners When Hiring Carpet Cleaners

3 simple safety steps homeowners can take during a carpet cleaning service.

Safety is generally a topic important for commercial office buildings and property owners. Since the pandemic homeowners and consumers in general have been thinking more about safety and health topics.

Today we wanted to go over 3 simple safety steps homeowners should be aware of and can request when hiring carpet cleaners.

  1. Air Ventilation
  2. Cleaning Solutions
  3. Gloves, Masks and Protection

Table of Contents

Air Ventilation Safety While Carpet Cleaning buffalo

Air Ventilation

Most professional carpet cleaners work alone or in small crews. Since most jobs the cleaner might being visiting for the first time it’s important for us the contractor or homeowners to ask a couple questions.

Common policy is to email or text ahead of time to layout common steps and ask if the customer has any specific requests or health needs.

These steps are made to protect the homeowner, pets and the technicians completing the service.

Especially birds and small pets in general, they can have very small respiratory systems and its important not to expose them to any airborne cleaning solutions.

Also having good air circulation is good to improve drying times after a cleaning.

Airflow and ventilation are necessary from an equipment and chemical standpoint during all cleaning activities. If home ventilation is not enough, we may need to increase airflow with fans or air movers.

Cleaning Solutions

Since the 1990’s, all employers have been required to comply with the Hazard Communication Standard of (OSHA). Now this is geared towards the cleaning service employee, employer relationship.

Still a best practice for consumers to inquire about what carpet cleaning products are being used in their home and even request to see the actual products and read the label.


Which brings us to a sub-topic of using labels and asking your service provider to only bring in and use cleaners with a product label from the manufacturer and not just written on with marker informally.

Any container, sprayer, or other chemical storage or application device must be labeled with the cleaner contained within that bottle and any acute hazards. The only exception to this rule is if the worker who mixes the solution will use up the entire contents of the bottle within their whole day.

In that case consumers can ask to see the product used.

MSDS sheets or SDS

Clients have a right to ask for an msds or sds sheet for any cleaning solution being used in their home. This is a government required sheet for any chemicals being used. The purpose is to list basic ingredients and any hazards related to the product.

This is a pretty rare request from homeowner’s but we wanted to make people aware they have the right to ask. Some consumers are very conscious of products nowadays.

Homeowner safety steps carpet cleaners buffalo

Gloves, Masks and other Protections

In general, the pandemic brought this topic top of mind for most people. But protection during a service has always been important for certain situations. Mostly we see request when someone in the home has a weak immune system or recent surgery.

It’s a best practice in those situations to wear mask and gloves. Especially in residential setting where we might be visiting multiple residences in a day.

If you have concerns or specific needs always ask before service to make sure we can accommodate your specific situation.

When unsure, its always best to ask questions.