Customer Service Options For Homeowners

We often talk about the technical part of carpet cleaning but most homeowners are more interested in the customer service options when hiring carpet cleaners.

Today we wanted to go over some customer service steps homeowners can request they might not be aware even exist.

Here are 7 options clients can request:

  • Time of service update through text or app
  • Sealing the entry door when bringing hoses in from van-based steam cleaning system
  • Flexible days and time
  • After service spot and spill guarantee
  • Foot covers when walking in the home
  • Gloves or masks
  • Being aware of Pets, especially birds

Table of Contents

carpet cleaner customer service steps buffalo ny

Time of Service Text Update

We all know how it feels when we order delivery or have to schedule service with utilities, cable services. The service company provides a window of time and the homeowner is stuck looking out the window all day wondering when they will show.

With current technology carpet cleaners can text clients on specific arrival times and apps even exist where you can track the service technician to see how far away, they are.

Sealing Outside Doors During Service

This is a huge problem for the Buffalo NY area where the weather can be cold, raining, windy or snowing 6 months out of the year. This is specific to carpet cleaning services that use a van-based system and run hoses from a van parked outside into your home.

Nobody likes all the heat going out the door or rain, snow blowing in.

Today we have door sealers that cover a doorway entrance and have sealed holes just big enough to fit a water or vacuum hose.

Flexible Scheduling

We don’t live in a 9 to 5 Monday through Friday world anymore, especially with the popularity of remote working. A lot of clients need appointments on weekends or after hours.

One thing we need to be aware of though is the noise of working and how neighbors might feel about service either too late or too early.

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Carpet Spot & Spill Guarantees

One of the most frustrating experiences for consumers is spending hundreds of dollars on removing beverage spills on carpeting only for the spot to reappear again a couple days later. This can happen sometimes and is called wicking.

Basically, as the carpet dries out completely the beverage spill on the very bottom or on sub-floor can wick back up as the water evaporates.

The solutions are to dry the area as quickly as possible, provide a simple spot cleaning solution and offer some kind of reservice guarantee if excessive.

Shoe Covers

Most service contractors nowadays will have their technicians wear foot covers or shoe covers when providing service in a home. Homeowners can become especially annoyed when the contractor cleaning the carpet turns around and wears dirty shoes on freshly cleaned areas.

One common request is to ask for any extra shoe covers for people living in the house. This is especially useful when the carpet is still damp.

carpet cleaning with pets buffalo ny

Gloves and Masks

Wearing personal protective equipment like gloves and masks was always an option even before the pandemic. Some consumers have weak immune systems or recent surgeries and want to be safe as possible.

Now it is a subject more top of mind than previous years. If unsure, always a good idea to ask before any service.

Be Aware of Pets

In general, its always important to be aware of pets during a carpet cleaning service. Couple reasons are we don’t want them to run outside or become scared of the technician and become anxious.

Smaller pets especially birds have very small respiratory systems. Best practice is to always have birds in a completely different area of the home or even out of the house during service. Even when using green, non-toxic carpet cleaners, birds can still be affected.