How does the PH and alkalinity of a detergent affect wool carpet during the cleaning process.

Research has shown there is very little connection between the ph of a cleaning solution and any harmful affects. After testing hundreds of different cleaning products created specifically for wool . The PH of these products ranged from 2- 11 and the results showed that high ph products as high as 10.5 passed the test. While at the  lower values in 8 range failed.

This suggests alkalinity and not ph was the cause of color lost during cleaning service. A strong connection has been found between the alkalinty of a detergent and the loss of color from a wool carpet.

Wool is damaged by alkaline detergents sometimes leading to “yellowing” and an increase in wear. Wool fibers are attacked by bleaches and can dissolve in chlorine bleach. It is recommended cleaning professionals use a Woolsafe product or other detergent determined safe by a testing organization. Premature aging and wear can occur when these instructions are not followed. Some evidence suggests lower ph detergents in 6.0 range actually cleaning better then higher values of 8.0 or greater.