What Kind of Carpet Cleaner to Rent?

We understand small businesses and homeowners can’t hire a professional service for every single time they want to clean an area of carpet. Sometimes it can be the cost but also renting a machine can be worth it for small areas. Plus, lets face it, some people are do it yourselfers and enjoy working on their home or business.

The point of this presentation is to point consumers in the right direction so they can avoid causing more problems and make the experience overall a lot easier.

What Type of Carpeting Do You Have?

This is the first question to know, the main styles are nylon, wool, olefin and polyester. Knowing the fiber is important because each of these fibers absorb water differently and have different levels of chemical resistance.

For example, olefin is very chemical resistant but doesn’t absorb water at all. What this means practically is you can use most carpet cleaning solutions on it but be careful of using too much water.

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Where To Rent a Carpet Cleaner in Buffalo NY

We don’t recommend renting a machine from the supermarket or home improvement store. Do it yourselfers would be much better off going to a local janitorial supplier and renting from there. We have several distributors in Buffalo that have daily rentals.

The cost will be a little bit higher but not excessively. Here are a couple reasons why.

  • Expertise– you can ask the staff what is the best machine for your situation.
  • Equipment has far greater vacuum power. Picking up the soiled water is critical to get the carpet clean as possible. Quicker drying times will also improve overall appearance and avoid any smells.
  • Heat, some of the carpet cleaners can heat water. Heating the water increases cleaning ability greatly and also dries faster. Remember you can catch a cold ……
  • Cleaning Solutions, one variable that is very important will be matching up the cleaning solutions to the stains/spot. Store bought only uses very general-purpose detergents. For example, citrus is great for industrial oils but enzymes are great for food-based oils.

Simple Carpet Cleaning Tips

Vacuuming removes 75-85% of soil, remember to do a thorough vacuuming prior to adding any water. Otherwise, you end up with a carpet full of mud.

Four Principals to successful carpet cleaning for homeowners

  1. Heat- increases chemical activity and lowers dry times
  2. Agitation- rent a machine with brushes or get a hand-held rake
  3. Detergents- use the right cleaning solutions for your carpet and soils.
  4. Dry Passes- every time you put water down, make sure to go over that area 2-3 times dry to remove all the moisture.