The overall look and feel of a living space can be greatly enhanced by giving it that special touch through the addition of just the right floor coverings. Unfortunately, over time, exposure to such influences like the sunshine, pets, stains and foot traffic can take a toll on their appearance. That is why it is important to know the proper techniques for area rug cleaning.

These useful accessories come in a vast range of styles and values from expensive heirlooms and unique creations to mass produced patterned copies and mud catchers. Each type requires a special approach to keeping it clean and in top condition. Not following the correct instructions could end up damaging the rugs or fading them prematurely.

Deep cleaning requires the use of proper solutions and the right utensils for the specific materials and make up of each covering. Special attention should be paid to areas that are heavily soiled or stained. Regular maintenance is an important step in protecting one’s investment and getting the most out of one of the most important pieces in any room.

Though it is recommended that such coverings, regardless of their materials, be professionally cleaned at least once a year, there are things that should be done in the interim to prolong their life. The most important step is to know what the piece is made of so that the wrong solutions are not accidentally applied. This will also make a difference in the utensils that will be required.