How Managers & Homeowners Can Clean Berber Carpeting

Berber carpet is one of the most popular styles of carpeting in office’s, commercial space and homes. The word Berber refers to the people of north Africa where it originated. This can be confusing to some customers, berber is just a style and can be made of different carpet fibers.

This can completely change how to approach cleaning it. Today we are going to focus on cleaning olefin fiber which you see often in newer homes and buildings.

The look is very recognizable after you see it once with the looped look, lighter color on top and a darker look in the background or bottom.

A professional carpet service would clip a small fiber and use a burn test to determine what kind of fiber it is.

How is Berber Carpeting Different

If it is made of olefin, our focus today, there is a couple characteristics that stand out. This carpeting is prone to friction burns, often homeowners and building managers will view this as looking “dirty” but in fact the carpet has been damaged or burned, melted almost.

This can happen from people dragging their shoes or pushing furniture. Often this is noticeable in high traffic areas, in front of a sofa or restroom in a commercial building. Around corners is very noticeable also.

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Another character of this style is berber doesn’t absorb water very well, if you poured a cup of water or coffee the liquid would just float to the top. After drying this can leave an unsightly stain.

The good news is olefin fiber is very stain resistant and usually will not be ruined by a beverage spill.

The key to cleaning is one of two ways. Either steam cleaning with very little water and extracting as much as possible. Fans, air movers are very helpful here.

Another option is to use a shampoo method or low moisture method.

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