Method Clean Solutions Buffalo Was Recently Named One of the Top Websites & Blogs For Cleaning Information

Recently our cleaning blog Building Ideas Buffalo was named one of the top carpet cleaning blogs and websites for local users in the United States. Feedspot is a content reader for reading all your favorite websites in one place, this can include Blogs, News websites, RSS Feeds, Youtube Channels and any other digital content people consume.

The listing can be found on the feedspot website at


On Cuspera, feedspot has 1700 5-star reviews making it a top content management reader. According to CUSPERA review “ Feedspot is a social feed reader compiling news feeds from online sources that users can customize and share with other social network users.

One review was quoted”  helps to keep up with multiple websites in one place”.

This tool keeps up favorite websites as easy as checking email. It helps to automate workflow and make life easier.


Some of its features include content reader, email digest, brand monitoring, RSS combiner, embeddable RSS widgets, speed up sharing, blogger outreach, scheduler-social media marketing, and data curation.

It provides content readers to keep up with all information sources in one place, email digest service helps to keep up with new updates from favorite sites, media monitoring tools effectively track topics or competitors.

RSS combiner takes multiple RSS feeds from different sources and creates a new combined version of all those feeds.”

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Buffalo Blog Information

Method Clean Solutions buffalo blog and website is dedicated to building managers, property owners and homeowners in the Buffalo NY metro area covering all of WNY. The blog covers technical topics on carpet cleaning, tile & grout steam cleaning, commercial floor cleaning, floor stripping and refinishing, floor waxing and sealing.

Some of the other categories covered are pricing, what to get in a cleaning quotation or estimate, insurance requirements, questions to ask and much, much more that consumers don’t always think about asking.

The blog is 100 pages long of information on various topics and common questions business managers and homeowners have about their flooring materials and how to take care of them for the long term. Included is videos, presentations, images and written articles.

Method Clean Solutions

Buffalo, NY