Pros and Cons of Cleaning Nylon Carpet Fibers

Nylon carpeting is one of the most popular fibers used in commercial carpet installations today. Mostly it is used in Class A office space where professional offices reside, the industry’s that occupy this space are usually financial, insurance, software, engineers and other “white collar “type of professions.

The great characteristic of nylon from a commercial carpet cleaners’ perspective is it is extremely resilient, meaning it will “bounce-back” to its original position even after being walked on with heavy foot traffic. If steam cleaned once a year, nylon carpet will virtually never “wear out.” Nylon is a synthetic carpet fiber meaning it is made in a factory and not found in nature.

One of the reasons it is so popular in commercial office space is the wide variety of colors that can be added to match up with the business’s brand, sunlight and overall look of the building.

Commercial Nylon Carpet Characteristics

Commercial nylon carpet is usually pre-dyed before being manufactured making it more resistant to staining than residential carpet that most building owners and managers might be more familiar with in their homes.


The downside is compared to olefin and polyester fibers, nylon can stain more easily from common occurrences in offices like coffee spills, food stains and beverage spills in general. This is something we typically see in offices with this style of fiber, the overall appearance is great but you see several stubborn stains from food and beverages.

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What is the Cleaning Solution for Managers?

More spot cleaning and quicker spot carpet cleaning immediately when they occur is what we recommend. For larger companies, carry a spot cleaning machine on site in your janitorial closet and flush out and extract any spills as soon as possible.

Also, after extraction, apply an encapsulation spot cleaner to help prevent the spot from wicking back which can happen days and even weeks later with a concrete slab underneath. Best case is too dry as soon as possible with an air mover or fan.

The exact steps and method will depend how big of a mess is there, with smaller stains a bottle of encapsulation and a clean white towel will be enough to blot the area.