Why is our office carpet turning yellow or brown?

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services

The amount of foot traffic per day in Commercial buildings is considerably greater than in residential homes. This traffic can range from a few hundred foot traffics to millions of foot traffics per day. A “foot traffic” is defined as one person walking across a room one time.

It is essential to have a regular cleaning program in order to prolong the useful life of the carpet. The type of traffic in commercial buildings varies from building to building .

The type of soil found in a food service facility would be different from that found in a doctor’s office or an international airport or a factory or manufacturing plant.

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How Does Commercial Carpeting Differ From Residential?

Commercial carpet is usually pre-dyed, in contrast to residential that is post- dyed. This makes it more resistant to staining. A wider variety of cleaning and deodorizing solutions can typically be used on commercial carpet.

Carpet Cleaning Office Buildings

Building owners and managers sometimes experience yellowing or browning of their office carpeting. This happens often with olefin carpet fibers. Olefin really attracts oil and oil based products. You will see this in hallways, entrances, lobbies that lead to an asphalt parking lot. The main solution is to clean these areas frequently to prevent the oil based product from being tracked in and discoloring. 

Does Your Office Have Olefin Carpeting?

Olefin carpeting is not as resilient as nylon carpet, making them more subject to crushing and matting. Olefin carpets are subject to damage from friction, If you drag heavy furniture across the carpet, you can literally burn it leaving a mark. Often we see this from chairs rolling back and forth.

Olefin is one of most popular fiber’s for commercial carpeting. Olefin carpets are solution dyed, this gives them excellent stain resistance. This doesn’t mean they are stain proof 100% but are very resistant to spills. 

Did You Have Chair Mats and Moved Them?

Often the carpet underneath the mat is much lighter in color. This comes from the carpet not receiving any light or oxygen for a long time. The carpet can become damaged over long periods of time.

Green Cleaning Solutions

Can You Use Green Carpet  Cleaning Solutions At Our Office?

Yes, we can use a cleaning solution that is  approved for the EPA Design for the Environment program. This is a program the EPA created to help companies consider health and environmental effects of chemicals, as well as product performance, when designing commercial cleaning products.

How much does it cost to have carpets cleaned in a commercial building?

With commercial projects we always have to come out, inspect the areas and have a quick consultation. Some of the variables are size of the building, condition, age of the carpet and purpose for cleaning. Sometimes a building owner intends on replacing soon and other times the carpet is newer and an owner/manager plans on keeping it for the next 10 years.

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