Nylon carpet represents about 60% of the wall to wall residential carpet market. Olefin Makes up approx 30% of the market. Wool accounts for .5 % of the market mainly due to price. It can cost 3-5 times the average man made product but will outlast all of them also.

Carpet Fiber Characteristics Overview

  • Wool – excellent resiliency- Excellent Longevity– Excellent Appearance long term- Chemical Inertness very poor- Dyeability Excellent
  • NYLON – Very Good resiliency, Good longevity- Very good Appearance long term- Chemical inertness fair- Ability to dye good
  • POLYESTER – Poor resiliency- Good longevity- Poor long term appearance- Chemical inertness good- ability to dye poor.
  • ACRYLIC – Fair resiliency- Fair longevity- Poor long term appearance– Good chemical inertness- ability to dye poo
  • OLEFIN (berber) – Very Poor resiliency, Good longevity, very poor long term appearance- chemical inertness excellent- ability to dye very poor.