Does Your Office Have Olefin Commercial Carpet?

In this video we talk about commercial carpet cleaning offices with olefin carpeting and specifically damage that can be done to carpeting from chairs rolling back and forth.

One of the most common things we see when inspecting a building, especially one with lots of cubicles is damage done to the carpet if they didn’t have chair mats. Usually the area will look dark, black and really dirty.

Some is the black plastic from the wheels rubbing off onto the carpet and can be steam cleaned out. But when a 200 pound person is rolling back and forth over that cubicle area for years then serious damage can occur.


Olefin carpet fiber is one of the most popular installed in commercial buildings

What is the difference between Olefin and Nylon fibers?  

 Olefin carpets are not as resilient as nylon carpets, making them more subject to crushing and matting. Often managers and owners will purchase this style because of its stain resistant qualities. Most offices have several spills, old stains from beverages like hot coffee and soda drinks.

The down side is this fiber likes oil and attracts oil based products, most chair wheels are made of plastic, an oil based product. So you can now understand when a carpet that likes oil based products is subject to an oil based product all day for years and years some problems will occur.

One solution is to use chair mats in the cubicle areas if you have this kind of carpet.

Burn Marks

One more note about commercial olefin carpets, they are subject to damage from friction, If you drag heavy furniture across the carpet, you can literally burn it leaving a mark. Sometimes we see this from conference room tables being dragged or desks being rearranged in an office.

These black marks are actually burn marks and not dirt or soil.

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