Daily Floor Cleaning Procedures for Businesses

Flooring in commercial spaces have become challenging to clean recently with all the different flooring types with a wide variety of colors, textures and styles.  Vinyl flooring specifically is the most popular for commercial office areas because of its inexpensive price.

Tile Floors may be coated with a thin layer of finish, wax or to protect them during shipping and make handling easier during installation. This finish is not meant to be the final finish on the tile when installed. It must be stripped off off after installation and then a more durable finish applied.

Some newer options don’t even require a sealing or coating and can be left as is.

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Daily & Weekly Cleaning

Daily Cleaning will start with dust mopping with a treated dust mop to prevent accumulation of debris. Vacuuming with a floor tool is an even better option, some cleaning contractors prefer a backpack style vacuum with a hard tool attachment.

Daily spot mopping with a damp mop to pick-up spills, tracked in liquids such as melting ice and snow common in the buffalo area will also need to be done regularly depending upon traffic level and weather. Be sure signs are placed to indicate wet areas of the floor, especially during working hours.

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Wet Mopping Techniques

Wet mopping may be done as often as several times a day for very heavy traffic or only once or twice a week for light traffic. This ultimately comes down to simple daily foot traffic and the type of foot traffic. A professional office might only need a thoroughly cleaning once a week while an industrial building daily or even multiple times a day.

For most floors, select a neutral cleaner with no solvents. Unless there are heavy deposits of oil and grease such as manufacturing plant or industrial space with a warehouse, the neutral cleaner will be sufficient and will not harm the finish. Dilute according to label directions. Making the solution stronger than necessary will make the floor more slippery than necessary and make it difficult to rinse. Use cool tap water to mix the cleaning solution.

When an oily or greasy floor requires a more alkaline cleaning solution, choose a product made specifically for VCT flooring. Be aware that more alkaline solutions also soften and attack the floor finish while emulsifying the oils. So, with higher alkaline solutions, the finish will not last as long.