What are encapsulation detergents?

Encapsulation detergents suspend soil and form a crystal with its formulation. The chemistry is similar to carpet protectors and are positive residues. These detergents effectively replace the soil with themselves. Soil releases from the carpet fiber and are removed with a normal vacuuming schedule. No dirt attracting residue is left behind and actually helps prevent re-soiling.

One of the carpet styles encapsulation works best on is Berber style carpeting. Berber is hydrophobic which means it does not like water and will float to the top.

What are some benefits of encapsulation detergents in carpet cleaning?

  • encapsulate residue allows for near 100% efficiency of vacuuming after cleaning.
  • Greatly reduce chance of spills coming back days later
  • Indifferent to changes in ph
  • difficult dry products like toner cartridges can be removed easily

This detergent is most popular with olefin carpet fibers found in Berber style carpet in homes and predominately in commercial grade found in most office buildings. The cleaner is usually applied using a counter rotating brush machine  or counter rotating heads. Very little moisture is used in this process which allows for drying times of 1 hour or less. Professionals use a combination of brushes, scrub pads and absorbent pads depending on the situation.