There have been six generations of nylon carpeting in residential homes. Each time improvements have been made to make nylon more desirable and reduce some of the weaknesses. 5th Generation Nylon added what the mills called an acid dye blocker to “block” stains and make the fibers less receptive to dye based stains like beverages. Acid dye is what is found in foods and some beverages. These type of spills were common in living rooms and with the introduction of acid dye blockers the goal was to make food stains wash out easily.

6th Generation nylon was focused on becoming more crush resistant, meaning after a cleaning a traffic area would spring back.

History of Warranties

After the 5t gen was introduced mills realized a problem had developed. The chemicals most carpet cleaners were using were too strong alkaline for the dye blockers. The carpets were browning, yellowing and becoming less effective in preventing stains, the whole purpose.

The good news was the manufacturers and cleaning trade associations came to an agreement.

  • Cleaners agreed not to use solutions stronger then a ph of 10 . This applied to any general cleaning steps including pre conditioning and hot water extraction.
  • Cleaners agreed not o use Catonic detergents
  • Warranty only applied to residential homeowners and not apartments or commercial buildings
  • Warranty was limited to common household food and drinks and not pet accidents, bleach etc.