How Cleaning Ceramic Tile Flooring is Different

Today we are going to talk about how cleaning ceramic tile is different from other types of tile floors. This article is dedicated to facility managers, property owners and homeowners. Having been involved in thousands of cleaning projects we wanted to share some of our experiences of steps a professional service takes and questions customers can look for during an estimate or quote.

 Many of the new ceramic tiles in today’s market are manufactured to look like real stone; these imitations are quite impressive and can fool even an experienced tile cleaning technician.  As a result, problems may occur that seem difficult to resolve. We will cover the most relevant ones, with suggestions for getting great results.

Ceramic Tile Flooring

Ceramic Tile is a very broad category and includes many sub-categories. Ceramic can refer to any man-made tile compared to natural stone that is found in nature, this is a very simple way to determine what you have in your office building or home.

From a cleaning perspective, this is a critical question but still very simple. Is this flooring something you find in nature or is it man-made. The big difference is most man-made tile like ceramic is very hard, you can be very aggressive with the tools and cleaning solutions used.

Ceramic can withstand some acid-based cleaning products if directions are followed and most can handle strong detergents on the alkaline side also

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Ceramic Versus Natural Stone

Natural stone is generally softer, for a cleaning contractor or do it yourselfer, its important to understand this and be more careful with the tools and cleaning products used. With stone we recommend starting with a neutral cleaner or PH level of 7.

If shopping at Home Depot or a local tile store, the product label will usually state “neutral floor cleaner”. When hiring a professional tile cleaning service, its always best to ask them what style of tile you have and what type of detergents they will be using.

Keep in mind that ceramic is very hard so you generally don’t need to be so concerned.

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