Does Carpet Steam Cleaning Take Long?

One of the first questions a homeowner will ask is “how long does carpet steam cleaning take’. Most people ask us this question while giving an estimate, since most households are pretty busy running errands and nowadays even working from home.

For residential homes carpet steam cleaning a living room will take approximately an hour or 2-bedroom areas an hour. According to décor snob the average living room in a home equals 340 square feet. Bedrooms average 240 square feet.

The typical professional cleaner can clean at 300 to 400 sqr ft an hour.

Now there is several variables that can extend or shrink this time.

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Staying Organized

To ensure timely completion, we try to organize the job upon arrival. Making sure we have located a water and power source and ensured proper site access. Common “time wasters” when cleaning carpet can include finding a parking place, security and alarm systems, having the proper keys, blown circuits and fuses, and our equipment failure due to poor maintenance.

This cleaning process can be aided by the use of special tools. Power brushes and extraction wands do a better job of complete residue removal, and enhance drying. Due to the hot water rinse in the procedure, the  extraction system leaves negligible residues and cleans deep into the carpet pile removing large amounts of soil and hair. 

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Main Variables That Effect Time

Furniture moving

moving furniture is very labor intensive and can add 20-30% more time to a typical job. Due to moving items to a safe location but also, we have to protect the legs, feet of furniture made of wood or metal before placing back to the original location.

When carpet is damp, wood or metal can leave a stain.


removes 75-85 of soil prior to adding any water. Whether a client vacuums or cleaner does not matter, its critical someone will


extensive landscaping or working in city locations with limited parking can mean we might have to run a long line of hoses to the areas being cleaned.

Water Sources

most professional services will have some water on their van but is limited.

Condition of carpeting

with extensive staining or ground in soil the carpeting might need a deep cleaning. this would include vacuuming, power scrubbing with a machine, stain treatments, steam cleaning and finally drying.


can have a huge impact in the Buffalo, NY area due to snow, excessive cold and rain in the early spring.

Specialty Stains

some special situations that can increase time of cleaning: pet stains, odors, removing red/blue dyes and sticky substances like gum or candle wax.