How Business Managers Can Inspect After Carpet Cleaning Service

Hiring a professional carpet cleaning service for your office building or commercial space can be expensive. One thing business managers and property owners can do to insure they are getting the most value is inspecting the areas during and after each service.

Today we are going to go over some basic topics to look out for after hiring a commercial cleaning service.

  • Solving the Problem
  • During Service
  • After Service Follow up

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Cleaning the Carpet, Problem Solving

This is the first thing to inspect and the most popular among building managers and property owners. What were the reasons for hiring a carpet cleaner in the first place, what was outlined in their estimate and was the problem actually solved.

Carpet stains and obvious spots are usually the biggest reason to hire a professional service in the first place. This can be tricky though because spots can wick back days and even weeks later. Wicking is when the carpet is wet and as water evaporates completely the spot can come right back.

Some other variables to look out for is if furniture is placed back in its proper place, is the carpet completely dry, are there any drink bottles, trash left behind.

If your housekeeping closet or any sinks used during service, was everything put back the way it was originally and cleaned afterwards.

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During Service

Did the employees have uniforms or a professional appearance, including company ID or name badges. Were wet floor signs put out during carpet cleaning, one of the biggest hazards is when the carpet is wet and people walk onto a tile floor. This can become a big slip and fall hazard.

Was the cleaning staff technically knowledgeable about the job requirements and have all the products and equipment necessary to complete the job.

Courtesy of the cleaners, end of the day we are all in the customer service industry. Its critical contractors are polite, have good manners and answer any questions.

After the Job Follow Up

Often overlooked but one of the most important aspects of the job is if the cleaner follows up after a carpet cleaning and asks how everything went. Sometimes a contractor can miss a tiny detail that would take 5 minutes to correct. We only know about it if we follow up and provide customer service after the job.