What does a professional service do when deep cleaning an office floor?

Recent years have seen a shift in the commercial flooring market from carpet to more durable ceramic tile, laminates and higher quality luxury vinyl tile known as LVT. The big question office managers, facility managers and property owners have is how do we deep clean a commercial floor.

Recent years have seen a shift in the commercial flooring market from carpet to more durable hard tiles like ceramic, porcelain and laminates or luxury vinyl tile known as LVT.  There are several reasons for this change in preference, the most significant being lower maintenance and cleaning costs.

There is two main methods or processes to deep cleaning office floors, the first question is are they waxed, finished or have been sealed in any way.

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Hard Tile Steam Cleaning

Hard tiles in commercial space generally have grout lines and ceramic is the most popular. These are mostly located in lobbies, restrooms and cafeterias.

The most effective way a professional service can clean these areas is through steam cleaning. This is a process where a floor tool suctioned to the floor and attached to two hoses, one with hot pressurized water that flushes the tile and grout, then the other a vacuum hose to recover the dirty water.

The hoses are run to either a portable unit or a large van-based system.

buffalo commercial floor deep cleaning

Deep Scrubbing Waxed-Finished Floor

With this process a contractor would only deep scrub or remove the top layer of floor finish. Then apply a brand-new layer of floor finish making the floor look brand new again although we only removed the top layer and not all the finish.

The big benefit with this process is a much lower cost but needs to be done before all the finish has decayed or become scratched up.

A good frequency would be quarterly to semi-annual depending on the traffic of the area.

Power Scrubbing Non-Waxed Commercial Floor

Many of the modern vinyl flooring styles are not meant to be waxed or sealed. Some give the option to the building owner and can go either way. Daily, weekly wet mopping can only remove so much soil, grit, sand and at some point, this surface needs a heavy-duty cleaning.

In this situation we would recommend a power scrubbing, in this process a detergent is applied and scrubbed in with a floor machine with brushes or pads. Then the dirty water extracted with a wet vacuum system and rinsed thoroughly.