What Can We Do To Keep Our Floor Clean?

After spending thousands of dollars and sometimes even tens of thousands of dollars on new flooring. Most homeowners and business managers want to know how to keep my floor clean looking. Today we are going to make people aware of a professional floor cleaning service called buffing that can be done on waxed and finished floors.

A lot of owners might not be aware of this service option, we would call this periodic cleaning & maintenance. Task that would be completed on a monthly quarterly or semi-annual schedule.

Most business owners and homeowners will have a regular cleaning schedule on a daily/weekly basis. Then when the flooring starts to lose appearance will have some big refinishing or deep cleaning project.

Buffing is done in the middle time frame to keep floors looking good as long as possible and extend the time until a full stripping and waxing or refinishing would be needed.

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How To Keep My Floor Clean by Buffing Buffalo NY

Floor Buffing Explanation

Spray buffing is especially appropriate when softer or lower solids finishes are in use. Equipment required includes a dust mop, a 175 RPM floor buffer with an appropriate drive block, red spray buff pad sized 1” to 2” larger than the drive block, a few clean cotton towels. Towels are used to wipe up any over-spray or spills. You will also need a spray buff solution and a sprayer. For most jobs a qt. sized trigger sprayer or 64-ounce small pump sprayer are best.

This process uses the polymers in the finish and the red pad to smooth the surface similar to the way sand paper might be used to smooth wood. Microscopic high spots are removed. As the finish becomes smoother, a higher gloss will result. Some dust will be generated.


Here are the steps a professional service might follow

  1. Move any items that need to be out of the way.
  2. Place warning signs as needed.
  3. Dust mop floors to remove gritty soil.
  4. Fill pump sprayer with mixed spray buffing solution.
  5. Spray a light mist across an area that you can buff in a minute or two. Make two slow side-to-side passes across the area we just sprayed. Additional passes are needed if the area has not completely dried.
  6. Move to the next area and repeat.
  7. When the entire floor has been buffed, dust mop again.
  8. Replace any items that were moved to their original position.
buffalo floor refinishing process