How Company Managers, Property Owners Can Maintain Flooring at a High Level of Shine

This is a common question from building managers, property owners and occasionally homeowners. How do we keep our floors shiny after refinishing or being waxed? In commercial buildings vinyl tile is the most popular type of flooring installed.

Nowadays these products come in a wide variety of colors, square sizes and can vary in cost greatly giving building owners and even sometimes homeowners a lot of options to choose from.

Flooring products have options, non-waxed, waxed and optional depending on the look you are looking for, style and foot traffic of the building.

In this presentation we are going over the different ways to keep your waxed tile shiny.

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Daily Cleaning Steps

This is a huge part of keeping a high shine, when grit, sand, soil is left on a finished floor these particles are often abrasive and scratch the wax. The two main options start with dust mopping daily with a treated dust mop or vacuuming with a floor tool.

Vacuuming will physically remove more soil, sand, tiny particles but the treatment applied to the dust mop can give an extra daily sheen.

Wet Mopping with Cold Water

A big part of wet mopping is to use cool water, sometimes managers will think cleaning a hard tile surface is the same as cleaning a waxed floor. Hot water will melt the floor finish, removing all the wax you paid a lot of money to have applied.

Avoid using bleach or any other high PH detergents, these cleaners might have a great disinfecting impact but will also remove the finish.

Floor Spray Buffing

In this process a treatment is applied and then buffed into the floor after dust mopping and wet mopping. This will remove any stubborn stains and provide a uniform look. Spray buffing is considered interim cleaning or periodic cleaning that is done on a weekly, monthly or quarterly frequency depending on traffic levels.

High Speed Polishing or Burnishing

This is a faster system and when done properly will produce a higher shine or gloss than spray buffing. It is best done with higher solids or harder finishes on the floor. A floor machine moving at RPMs between 1500 to 3000 is used to polish the floor after a thorough cleaning.

This produces greater heat and allows the work to proceed at a higher production rate. It also produces a very deep shine that resists scuffing and wear.

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