Can Floor Cleaner Disinfect a Home or Business Also?

The simple answer is yes, floor cleaner can disinfect but not every single product does. The ability to disinfect has a legal and technical definition that I’m sure most building managers and homeowners don’t want to know.

Floor cleaners that disinfect will specifically state it on the label. If not written assume it doesn’t.

Today we are going to cover some different floor cleaner options for residential homes and office buildings.

Neutral Floor Cleaner

This is by far the most popular product, neutral means the PH level of the detergent is 7 or neutral. PH can go from highly acidic 0 to neutral 7 highly alkaline 14

These products are made to cut through normal dirt, grease, grime. One of the most common attributes is non-streaking. People don’t want to clean a floor only to have streaking everywhere.

Neutral cleaners can come scented and non-scented. Application options are wet mop, flat mop or using an automatic machine.

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Neutral Disinfectant Floor Cleaners

This product has all the same qualities as a standard neutral product but specifically disinfects also. Can be applied with mops or automatic machines.

Most common areas this product is used is in restrooms and cafeteria’s, any eating area.

Green Products

Environmentally safe or non-toxic has become very popular in the last 10 years. Technology has increased so much that low to moderate soiled areas are great.

Safe for the environment can have several definitions. Some people will look at the specific chemicals used (non-toxic) and others take into account PH level. Usually, this category of cleaners can be slightly stronger than neutral cleaners but not excessively. Anywhere from 8-9 PH range

Tile, Grout and Stone Flooring

Stone Flooring

These products are made specifically for stone, natural stone can be (not always) be much softer than other types of tiles. Some styles can be very sensitive to acids and strong detergents. If unsure its always best to choose a line that states specific for stone or maker that specializes in it.

Most are under a pH 10 and vary between 7-10 in strength

Tile and Grout Flooring

Man made tile is vary hard and cement grout porous. Because of this, hard tile floors generally have stronger products, PH levels of 10 + for daily cleaners or scrubbing. If unsure its always best to test a corner first to make sure you have ceramic, porcelain tile and not natural stone.

Yes but not all of them do, they will state this specifically on label

Yes, adding disinfectant is definitely worth it for restrooms and eating areas

This is will depend on the tile floor type. Some natural stone its not recommended. 

Also if any floor finish or sealers, hot water can melt them.