Is Technical Training or Certifications Important

Is technical training important to you when hiring a tile and grout cleaning cleaner? We put high value on training our technicians to provide the best service possible and solve even the most difficult problems.

The training and education we provide our staff gives the cleaning professional an edge as hard flooring materials continue to evolve. Ceramic tile made to look like stone can often trick an inexperienced cleaner into using the wrong cleaning solutions.

Tile Steam Cleaning

Our cleaning technicians are given state of the art steam cleaning equipment, educated on identifying the different hard flooring types like ceramic, porcelain, marble and more. This is followed by chemistry training on what cleaning solutions to use on what materials. Did you know acid-based cleaner can etch natural stone?

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Cleaning Steps

Techs are given the proper cleaning steps involved with the different commercial cleaning services we provide. The psi or amount of water pressure used can change in different flooring, for example if grout has been color sealed or stained in the past it’s important, we keep the pressure to a minimum. Also, with previously stained or colored grout it is important for us to turn the heat down and also use a neutral floor cleaner to avoid peeling or removing the color seal.

These are just some examples of why training and education are so important when hiring a tile cleaning contractor.