What are Some Green Cleaning Solutions for Carpet

Absolutely, yes there are many different options for homeowners and building managers who are looking for a green carpet cleaning method or detergent. The big question is what is your definition of green, people often view this topic in different ways.

Commercial businesses sometimes choose this solution because they want a green building or are LEED certified, generally cleaning isn’t a tremendous number of points but if that is the company value proposition, a manager might want to for the principal of it.

Homeowners on the other hand usually have more practical concerns about perfume scents, a lot of people have sensitive sense of smell that can be triggered by strong perfume like scents.

Pets is another big concern; birds especially have a very acute sense of smell and certain cleaning solutions can even be dangerous. Dogs, cats smell, lick roll around on carpeting all the time and this is a good question to ask during a quote.

Some of the other variables that people can consider to be green.

Equipment and Power Sources

Some carpet cleaners use a steam cleaning unit located on a van that is powered by gasoline and some even have van powered equipment where the van runs continuously throughout a service.

If this is a concern you would want to request a portable extraction or low moisture method like encapsulation that is powered by electricity.

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PH Level and Cleaning Solutions

Cleaning detergents have a ph level to them between 0-14 with neutral being 7. If the chemicals are a concern, you can always request a carpet shampoo or detergent that is neutral or close to neutral. This is something that is found on most commercial carpet cleaning products, ask your contractor to show you.

Water Usage and Conservation

Another component can be the amount of water being used during the cleaning process. Steam cleaning can use 20 to 50 gallons of water, depending on the size of an area. This is a pretty simple solution; most cleaners will have the option of a low moisture system like encapsulation and others. This process might only use 10 or 15 gallons of water and provide a big savings if it is important to the client.