Plant based carpet fiber examples:

  • Sisal- sisal comes from the leaves of the sisalana tree native to certain areas of mexico. It can be used in walk off mats, area rugs and wall to wall carpeting. Often you find it in walk off mats at entrances, it is very rough to the touch and shrinks when wet.
  • Coir- comes from the hair of a coconut and is used in walk off mats and area rugs. It is rough to the touch and expands when wet.
  • Sea Grass- sea grass comes from ocean grass and is used in walk off, area rugs and wall to wall. It is very slick looking and has a shiny appearance
  • Abaca- comes from a banana leaf grown in phillipines, its is coarse to the touch
  • Protein fibers- comes from animals and insects. These materials are sensitive to high alkaline detergents may bleed colors if slightly acidic chemicals are used.

Protein or animal based carpet fiber examples:

  • Wool comes from fleece of lamb or sheep, the most popular countries producing these are australia and new zealand. Around the world wool is still the most popular fiber but in the united states it makes up less then .5%