One of the factors a professional considers before cleaning a carpet is the yarn style it is constructed of. Some of the different construction styles to think about:

  • Level loop- like name suggest loops and has same height. All different methods of cleaning can be used.
  • Velvet plush- is very high density cut pile and is not twisted. Looks like a flat top haircut. Grooming after steam cleaning with  a brush is recommended but rotary agitation is not a good idea.
  • Saxony Plush- looks similar to velvet plush but has several twists per inch instead of straight up/down. Saxony is the most popular style of carpet installation for residential wall to wall. This style also can be groomed with a brush but scrubbing with a rotary type machine is not recommended. The pile can become permanently distorted.
  • Cut & Loop- As name suggest has cut top and level loop mixed in. Dry cleaning or low moisture is often the preferred method.
  • Multi level loop- is a looped yarn that has different heights.
  • Frieze- have several twists per inch and bends revealing one of the sides. Machine cleaning may cause distortions in pile and not recommended. Steam cleaning is best.