VCT Floor Cleaning Service Options

In todays article we are going to cover the different VCT floor cleaning service options available and at what time each service is best applied.

VCT flooring is the most popular flooring option chosen in commercial office buildings because of its durability, low price and quick installation process.

In most office settings managers and owners will apply a floor finish or wax over the VCT tile to improve the appearance and make it even longer lasting.

New Tile Installation

When VCT is shipped a slim coating of finish or sealer is applied to protect during the long journey. After the installation this sealer needs to be stripped off or removed in layman terms. This process involves applying a mild detergent or light floor stripping agent, machine scrubbed to agitate and then picked up with a wet vacuum system.

After being thoroughly removed and dried the floor is then ready for a fresh floor finish/wax to be applied. Building owners can choose from a high gloss look to a flat matte finish.

VCT Floor Cleaning Buffalo

Daily Floor Cleaning

Maintenance can include dust mopping with a treated dust cloth to prevent accumulation of abrasive soils. Using a treated mop acts like a magnet attracting dust. Spot mopping with a damp mop to pick-up spills, tracked in liquids such as melting ice and snow which we are all familiar with in Buffalo, NY.

Wet mopping with a neutral cleaner may be done as often as several times a day for very heavy traffic or only once or twice a week for light traffic. The key here is not use bleach or any products that can harm the floor finish you just paid all this money applying.

Floor Buffing

In the industry we call this spray buffing and is used for interim maintenance and upkeep, from once a month to quarterly. In this process a floor cleaner is sprayed down and a floor machine with a lightly abrasive pad used to remove scuff marks and stains, gum.

High Speed Polishing or Burnishing

This process is similar to buffing, the main difference high speeds are used to create heat to smooth the appearance of the wax. This removes a microscopic percentage of the floor finish and can only be completed so many times.

Mostly the frequency depends on the number of layers of finish applied, the heavier layers and more equals more frequency before the appearance looks dull.

Floor Stripping and Waxing

This is the service and common phase most people are familiar with. Full stripping and refinishing is done when the current finish is completely worn, scuffed to a point where we have to remove all the old finish and start all over again to provide a fresh look

In this process we apply a floor stripping cleaning solution, allow time to do its job and break down the soils. Then a machine is used with an abrasive pad to remove all the old floor finish. After scrubbing a wet vacuum is used to pick up and dispose all the water.

*** Note this water is toxic now and needs to be disposed in a sanitary sewer.

After completely removing old wax, rinsing and drying the floor is ready for a new appearance. Clients will have to decide what kind of look they want from a high shine, medium to a flat look.