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Introducing a new resourceful carpet cleaning website for Buffalo NY and all of WNY. Our website has over 100 articles, videos, pdf’s, presentations and a comprehensive blog covering carpet cleaning topics.

The cleaning blog section was even recently named one of the top carpet cleaning blogs in the United States.

Today we are going to explore some resources business managers, building owners and homeowners can use to improve the flooring in their living or working space.

Flooring today has become so diverse, this is great by offering tons of choices, textures, fibers, colors. The possibilities are endless now in how to decorate.

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Technical Information

This is probably the most boring part, the hyper-technical details of carpet fibers, vinyl tile, ceramic tile, grout. But we have found it useful to explain why something happens then offer solutions for that specific problem.

Grout is porous and absorbs soil, when clients use a mop, they end up pushing dirty water right into the grout. This is why steam cleaning grout is so effective.

Carpeting, nylon carpet really absorbs water, it is important your cleaning contractor or yourself remembers to spend a lot of time drying the area cleaned.

Olefin on the other hand doesn’t absorb water very well at all. Low moisture cleaning processes are very effective with this style. The downside with olefin is it burns easily and wears out quicker.

One more example is cleaning a vinyl floor with wax or floor finish on it. Often people will use hot water to clean these surfaces. The problem is the heated water will melt the finish and remove some layers. Cold water with a neutral disinfectant is best for daily, weekly cleaning.

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Pricing and Estimates

Consumers always wonder how services come up with pricing, some people think we just make it. We have an extensive blog here that explains all the variables that go into pricing.

Carpet Cleaning Quotes and Estimates

In this section we go over some questions to ask when a cleaner provides a quote. We explore some of the information to ask be included before making a decision.

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