Carpet Spot Cleaning Office Buildings

This is a quick video tip on what carpet spot cleaning solutions to use on coffee and beverage spills in office buildings. This is a common question building owners and managers have after a deep cleaning. How do we maintain and remove spills?

Commercial carpet is usually treated with protector treatments to enhance its resistance to common food and beverage stains.

Spot carpet cleaning solutions with a PH higher than 10 can adversely affect these protective treatments

lifting carpet pile with carpet cleaning buffalo

Encapsulation is the Best Carpet Spot Cleaning Solution

Most businesses and homeowners are probably unaware of the term encapsulation, this is a carpet cleaning solution that can be used to stop drink spills and food stains from “wicking” back up after a cleaning.

In simple terms an encapsulation detergent cleans the carpet and then forms a crystal around the remaining soil, think of it like a snowflake with a gob of coffee in the middle. This crystal dries and then can be removed with normal vacuuming frequencies over time.

With this process not only are you cleaning during the initial action but are continuing to clean every time you vacuum.

What is the downside? Sometimes there is just too much soil to encapsulate, we like to use this method as a post spotting treatment after a carpet steam cleaning or to spot clean a specific food stain or drink spill.