Having proper air circulation during and after a carpet steam cleaning is something a lot of clients probably don’t think about, it is the professional carpet steam cleaning service’s responsibility to provide a safe work environment during and after a service. This is good business practices for the contractor and also for the building managers, property owners and homeowners that hire us.

Often during cleaning, we cannot control the coming and goings in the area. Employees, vendors can walk in without know the potential dangers that are posed at any work site.

Today we are going over some common steps to take to make sure your business or home is safe when hiring a contractor.

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Ventilation and Air Flow

Airflow and ventilation are necessary from an equipment and cleaning solution standpoint during all activity. If general ventilation is not enough, you may need to increase airflow with a fan, air mover or turn the hvac system on higher/lower.

In office buildings we have found some employees have very sensitive sense of smell and can feel off when exposed to certain smells. It may seem odd but we have had people during a cleaning be uncomfortable with common smells like Pine cleaner.

Its always best to ask staff beforehand and make sure, also make sure to keep the hvac system on normal settings to keep air moving around.

After Carpet Service

*** Note for homeowners or offices that have birds inside the building. Birds have very sensitive respiratory systems and any airborne cleaning agents can be very harmful to their tiny systems. It is always best to remove any birds to another location or far away from the cleaning area. Then completely air the place out before returning.

Another problem sometimes linked to carpet cleaning is the growth of mildew after a steam cleaning. These micro-organisms grow fastest when the temperature is between 68˚f and 86˚f.

Sunlight limits growth, after a cleaning it is best to keep lights on or open blinds for natural sunlight. Often clients will want to close a door ands shut lights off after but this is a recipe for a problem.

If the air is stale and there is a lack of ventilation, it enhances the growth of fungus. We always want to lower the humidity level as much as practical.

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