Steps To A Professional Carpet Cleaning Service In Office Buildings

This is a quick note on the steps a carpet cleaning service can take that lead to a successful experience for building managers and owners. in this blog and video we cover some of the process we follow when cleaning carpet in commercial office buildings. 


  • Consultation
  • Inspection
  • Fiber Identification
  • Equipment Choice
  • Locating parking areas
  • Moving of furniture
  • Water sources and waste removal
  • Safety
  • Follow up and Customer Survey


The first step is a client consultation, this is when we visit an office building and are shown the specifications of the project by a manager or owner. During this initial phase we learn about what the client business objectives are.

I know it sounds weird, everyone wants clean carpet right but people buy carpet cleaning for all kinds of reasons and that can change what process, tactics we use. For example prepping a building for sale or cleaning after moving cubicles, after construction clean up, etc.


Now we physically inspect the carpeted areas to be cleaned, this is important for us to decide what method, process and equipment to recommend.

Fiber Identification– during the inspection we need to identify what the carpet is made of, the most popular in commercial buildings are nylon, olefin and polyester.

Nylon springs right back after cleaning and absorbs water, we need to make sure to move slow enough to extract all the water.

Olefin attracts oil and is very resistant to chemicals, with this fiber we need to be more careful with amount of water used less concerned with the cleaning solution

Carpet cleaning buffalo

What Method or Cleaning Process

After an inspection we can determine what equipment to use. We focus on 2 main processes: encapsulation or low moisture carpet cleaning. Here we use a brush machine to power scrub the carpet with very little moisture

How water extraction or steam cleaning, this involves using a van based extraction machine where we steam clean the carpet and extract the soil in one simple step.

Furniture Moving

Moving furniture is very laborious and time consuming, in most cases we recommend clients move furniture themselves in order to save money and lower the cost. Some offices do not have the staff for this and we can help in anyway practical. Mostly moving chairs and waste baskets


An important but often overlooked part of the service is following safety precautions for the safety of our staff, client employees and random people that can stop by a building like a mailman

Some steps are wet floor signs, putting wood/metal furniture back with blocks underneath to protect the carpet, safety cones outside, caution tape, SDS sheets on all cleaning solutions and list of local emergency contact numbers.

Customer Survey

Follow up and Customer Survey

The last step is speaking with every client after service and insuring their complete satisfaction. Some of the follow up questions we ask are:

  1. Courtesy of employees
  2. Appearance of employees
  3. Appearance of carpeting
  4. Care of furniture and building in general