Carpet fibers absorb liquids like water and oil. Different fibers will absorb water at different rates while some carpet fibers will absorb oil more. Generally speaking natural material like wool absorb the most water and precaution needs to be taken to avoid longer drying times. Man made carpeting like nylon take in far more oil.

What does PH values mean with carpet cleaning detergents?

The PH is a number scale used to show the alkalinity or acidity of a cleaning solution. The numbers go from 0 -14, with the strongest acids starting at 0 and going up to 7. 7 Is also neutral meaning the detergent is neither alkaline or acidic. Alkaline goes from 7 14 with 14 being the strongest solutions.

Most carpet manufacturers recommend using solutions no stronger then a PH of 10. Make sure to ask your cleaner what the ph is of the cleaning agents they will be using in your home.

Another note, the scale is using a base of 10.What this means is if a cleaner is 1 degree higher then it is 10 times stronger. Example:

B is not 1 stronger BUT 10 times stronger. Also if a detergent is 2 numbers higher then it is 100 times stronger! and 3 1000 times stronger.