Nylon is the most common carpet fiber found in wall to wall carpet. Over 60% of homes have some nylon or nylon blend.

This material wears great and usually springs back after people walk on it but it also stains easier then some other constructions. To help mills will often dip the carpet in a stain protector to fill in the dye sites and give better protection


  • Long lifetime and very resilient. Yarns usually will spring back with some agitation used during a professional cleaning.
  • Holds it heat set crimp which makes it a popular choice for plush in living rooms.
  • Less affected by abrasion {people walking} than any other construction.


  • Easily damaged by acids, common household acids like toilet bowl cleaner.
  • Stains easily, especially susceptible to food and beverage stains like coffee/soda.
  • Dyes are destroyed by chlorine bleach.

After six generations of nylon each one has helped reduce some of the weaknesses and keeping nylon the most popular choice. The latest generations have focused on addition of flurochemicals {protectors} to make the fiber more resistant to soiling and staining. They also are focused on making fiber smoother o the touch and less water absorption.