Why Steam Cleaning Tile & Grout Is So Effective

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There are several reasons why steam cleaning tile and grout is a good idea and not just because it can be a lot faster than other alternative methods that are out there on the market.

The grout in particular can become dark over time as dirt accumulates within its pores and apart from not being too healthy it also looks very bad which is why you need to look at how to extract the dirt.

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Tile Cleaning Products

Many of the products that homeowners use for cleaning grout are actually very hard on sealer. In a pinch use carpet cleaning products

This of course is going to weaken it over time and it can contribute to having to clean everything later on.

Vinegars, acids and bleaches can break down the grout sealer and should be avoided.

How Does Professional Tile & Grout Cleaning Work?

How it works is we use high temperatures and pressure that it can effectively blast out the soil particles and restore the grout to its original color.

Quick Solutions for Dirty, Stained or Discolored Grout.

Soil can become trapped in the pores of grout and be difficult to clean up by hand. Using a high powered vacuum and steam, we can steam clean tile and grout flushing away the dirt and brightening up the original grout color.

  • 5 Step restoration process
  • Only takes 1-2 hours
  • Safe to walk on right away
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Don't Forget Grout Sealing

You really must look at resealing the grout once you have cleaned them because it not only protects them but it also stops dirt from working its way back in quickly.

This kind of job really should be done either once or twice a year but obviously this really does depend on where they are situated as some tiles need to be cleaned a lot more than that.

Learn More about grout sealing here

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