STEP 1. A non-toxic cleaning solution is applied to the tile and grout lines and allowed to dwell for 10 to 20 minutes.. The solution is then worked into the pores to loosen embedded dirt, grease, oils and other contaminants

STEP 2. Using our 250 degrees of water and up to 1200psi of water pressure we thoroughly wash, rinse and extract the dirt, oils and pollutant laden water out of the pores of the grout and tile into our truck’s recovery tank. This clean and efficient process is all fluid controlled so there is no over-spray of water or cleaning solution.

STEP 3. Next we dry the floor using high speed air movers which takes between 10-30 minutes. We are then able to inspect the floor to see the true condition of the grout and can tell at this point if there is any permanent staining or discoloration.

STEP 4. After consulting with you as to the condition of the floor you now have two choices:
A) Sealing: If you are happy with the results of the cleaning, we can go ahead and apply a sealer to the floor to protect it from further staining or…
B) ReColoring: If the results did not meet your expectations and there is a considerable amount of staining and discoloration, we can recolor the grout to the color of your choice.

So, in either case your grout will look almost as good as the day it was installed.