Acrylic- Feels and looks like wool and is actually stronger then wool. The biggest downside is it becomes stiff and hardens over time. Also does not last as long as other types like nylon, olefin. This material dislikes water but loves oil, meaning it will not hold water but easily absorbs oily substances. Acrylic can fuzz easier then other materials and can be difficult to dye. This fiber is washable and is mostly used for area rugs.

Polyester– PET is the short acronym and loves to absorb oily spills but does not hold water and does not need any added blockers to resist water based spills and stains. Currently represents about 10% of the marketplace and is a favorite in apartment complexes for its cost. Poly is very sun resistant and so is popular for sitting rooms that receive a lot of sunlight. It is not very resilient and will show wear from walking on it or traffic patterns. This material is prone by even normal wear and will not spring back like nylon.