Next to the vacuum you use to clean it, your carpet may be the most neglected item in your home and although, there is no law against abusing your carpet, you will still end up paying a hefty fine in the end if you do.

Carpet cleaning may be the simplest household chore you can perform, yet for some reason, people seem to avoid pulling out the vacuum and running it across the carpet except in times of crisis. In addition to being the simplest chore, cleaning your carpet may also be the most cost saving. Carpet is very expensive, so why wouldn’t you want to protect your investment by running a vacuum across it once or twice a week?

The Importance of Regular Vacuuming

Vacuuming is the single most important aspect of any carpet cleaning regimen. Your carpet takes a beating every single day of the week and with each step that someone takes, new deposits of dirt are transferred from the soles of their feet and shoes on to the carpet. At first, those dirt deposits are at the surface, however, if left alone, they will eventually work their way down into the carpet fibers through carpet sub-structure. Once deposited into the depth of carpet fibers, those little grains of sand and dirt work like tiny razor blades, cutting away at the strands of carpet fabric each time someone steps on them.

Regular vacuuming helps to prevent dirt and grime form becoming embedded into the carpet fibers and sub-structure, and is by far the easiest and most cost effective carpet cleaning method available. Also, regular vacuuming keeps you aware of your carpet condition and alerts you of unknown spills and stains that may require immediate professional attention.

Benefits of Regular Vacuuming

The greatest benefit that comes from regular vacuuming is your own peace of mind. Your carpet is home to your family and pets, and you will sleep better at night knowing your carpet cleaning regimen is helping to provide them a safe and healthy ambiance to live in. Regular carpet cleaning through vacuuming will also save you a great deal of money by prolonging the life of your carpet, thus resulting in fewer costly carpet replacements.

There is simply no good excuse for not vacuuming your carpet on a regular basis. Vacuuming once a week would be good enough; twice would be even better, especially in high traffic areas. It’s your carpet; take care if it and it will take care of you!