One of the first things your customers notice when they walk into your building is the condition of the floors

VCT Floor Stripping and Waxing

One of the first things your customers notice when they walk into your building is the condition of the floors. Even if sub-consciously, clean, shiny floors can make a large impact on how your business is perceived. 

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Floor Cleaning Services

VCT flooring products are popular because of their durability, wide variety of colors, styles and relatively inexpensive price. We have the tools, education and training to restore neglected VCT floors to ” like new” condition.

From there, we can set up a maintenance program based on individual needs to keep them looking their best and representing your business well. 

Ask for a Free Floor Evaluation and let us help you on the way to a sparkling shine.

  • Floor stripping and waxing
  • High Speed burnishing, polishing
  • New installation
  • Power scrubbing

Finishing New Floor Installations

Sealing New Flooring tiles may be coated with a thin layer of finish, wax  to protect them during shipping and make handling easier during installation. This finish is not meant to be the final finish on the tile when put into use. It must be cleaned off after installation and then a more durable finish applied.

High Speed VCT Floor Polishing

Burnishing is similar to buffing in that the floor is smoothed and finishes with a higher gloss. However, rather than “sanding” or abrasion being the main process to smooth the floor is heat melting some of the finish allowing it to flow and level making the finish smoother.

Refinishing or Sealing

New finish should only be applied to a clean floor. Otherwise the finishes will trap or seal in any dirt on the floor as the finish dries. New finish will be applied to replace finish that has been worn away by traffic. Thus it will not be necessary to apply the finish edge to edge because little or no finish has been worn from the few inches close to the wall.

Floor Scrubbing and Waxing

If a floor is properly maintained and not permitted to get into bad condition, it will seldom be necessary to completely strip the finish down to bare tile. Rather a “mini” version of the process called scrub and recoat will suffice. Scrub and recoat is easier, often takes less time, requires less material and is less messy with less clean-up.

Rather than removing all layers of finish, the top layer or two of finish is removed. These top layers have been abraded and soil has been worked into through the weight of foot traffic. When they are removed, additional layers of clean finish in good condition remain below.

How should we clean a waxed floor in a commercial building?

The key is using cold water and a neutral floor cleaner or neutral disinfectant. Sometimes people will use hot water, this will melt and damage the floor finish. Try to avoid using bleach or other harsh detergents also, they can damage the floor finish or make it look cloudy.

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