What Does Deep Cleaning of Carpeting Mean?

This is a common question customers ask “What Does Carpet Deep Clean Mean?”.  The answers might surprise some people who are looking to hire a carpet cleaning service. Deep cleaning can have several different definitions and most homeowners probably don’t realize vacuuming is one of the biggest variables.

When cleaning carpeted flooring 87% is removing dry soil, sand, hair through a detailed vacuuming. This might come as a shock to some people but most of the job is first removing all of the loose dust. Some of this will come from using a professional vacuum cleaner that has the cfm vacuum power to physically remove soil but some of this question is simply labor.

Importance of Vacuuming Can be Overlooked

How fast are you vacuuming? Whether it is a contractor you hire, in house cleaning staff or a homeowner the simple fact is the slower pace we work at, the more dirt we will remove. This correlates specifically with pricing, if a cleaner moves slower vacuuming 87% that equals more labor and will increase the cost.

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Adding Scrubbing To Remove Carpet Stains

Power Scrubbing, this is another variable that leads to a deeper clean. Machine scrubbing is the next way we can remove more soil from a carpet. With residential carpet it is more important to use a cyndrical brush system to dig out all of that hair and debris because the carpet fibers are much longer and we spend much more time in our homes shedding skin, hair.

For commercial carpet which is flatter in general, cleaning the surface with pads can be more effective for appearance. Office buildings are different objectives mostly anyway in that businesses want a professional appearance versus a home where we want it to be as clean as possible.

Steam Cleaning

Steam Cleaning, most manufacturers recommend steam cleaning to remove the most soil for carpeting. One of the biggest reasons is a professional service will use a heavy-duty extraction system placed on a van.

The shear vacuum power alone can physically extract more dirt, in the industry we look at CFM of a carpet cleaning machine.

Now rental equipment form homeowners and portable extractors can work just as well, the challenge is they don’t have the same power and after applying water we need to go over the areas multiple times dry to remove as much water as possible. This becomes a labor issue but if you have more time than money can equal the same result as a professional cleaning system.