What is good commercial carpeting for an office building

This is a quick little article and video on what is a choice of commercial carpeting for offices. We are a commercial carpet cleaning service in the Buffalo, NY and see offices every day. Some of the questions building managers and owners will ask is what is the easiest carpet to clean or what type of carpet should we install in the future.

The best way to think about this question is pros and cons, each of the top carpet fibers in commercial buildings have some great benefits and common downsides. The top three fibers we see are nylon, olefin and polyester. Although you can see wool in some hotels, rarely in private offices, once in a while in financial services or law firms.

Is Olefin A Good Choice?

Today we will talk about olefin, one of the most popular commercial installations. Olefin carpets are solution dyed, this gives them excellent stain resistance. This doesn’t mean they are stain proof 100% but are very resistant to spills.

This is very appealing for an office setting, the biggest thing we see is drink spills, mostly coffee and beverages in general. This is the number one reason managers call us in the first place, unsightly spills and stains. These can make an otherwise great looking office look dirty or unkept even though its only a handful of spots.

Challenges For Commercial Carpet Cleaning

The downside or con of this fiber is Olefin really attracts oil and oil based products. You will see this in hallways, entrances, lobbies that lead to an asphalt parking lot. Often either the carpet will yellow or appear dark and dingy in high traffic areas.

Only real solution is frequent cleanings to remove the oil, nobody likes that idea.

Another characteristic is  Olefin carpets are not as resilient as nylon carpets, making them more subject to crushing and matting. Almost every cubicle and office we visit without chair mats will have a dark round circle by the desk.

This is from chairs rolling back and forth for years and although it appears dirty is mostly damage from being crushed.