Can Carpets Be Cleaned Using Low Moisture

Can carpets be cleaned with very little moisture? Yes, absolutely, one method that is very popular is called encapsulation. A lot of building managers, owners and property managers prefer using very little water. There is many reasons why, including: lower cost, provides a great appearance, some commercial space has little to no access to the outside or local water sources.

One of the biggest reasons company managers like it is the fast dry times, using a low moisture system carpets can be dried between 30 – 60 minutes and the area ready to use.

This is a great benefit for a busy office that can’t afford down time.

What is the Encapsulation Method for Carpets

The encapsulation method is a low moisture system that can be used on virtually any carpet type, fiber or style. One objection of many carpet manufacturers is the use of a rotary floor machine to apply the detergent.

Detergents are applied using agitation and loosened soil to allow the cleaning solutions to reach all sides of the soil. Now that soil will not stick to the fibers, it drops closer to the base of the carpet and out of sight, improving appearance. Whatever soil is not removed during the initial cleaning will be removed by regular vacuuming.

This is one of the great benefits of this method, the cleaning continues even afterwards.

Another big benefit is removing drink and food spills, often after a carpet steam cleaning or system using a lot of water the stain can reappear days or even weeks later as the water evaporates the soil “wicks to the top of the carpet.

Because this process uses such low amounts of water this doesn’t happen and the remaining stain can be vacuumed away.

buffalo carpet cleaning using low moisture

Vacuuming is Key to Successful Service

The encapsulating detergents can only coat a certain amount of soil. Performance improves greatly when as much soil as possible is removed prior to apply the encapsulating cleaner through a detailed vacuuming.

The encapsulation method should be used in conjunction with high performance hot water extraction or commonly referred to as “steam cleaning” to complete a total planned carpet program.