What Building Managers & Homeowners Should Get in an Estimate

Today we are exploring what to expect or ask for in a carpet cleaning service quote. In most situations building managers and owners or homeowners will ask a carpet cleaning service to inspect an area and then provide a written quote or estimate.

What is some information that can be included?

Company Overview

In a commercial estimate this might be called a cover letter and is just some basic information about the company. Who is the owner, brief history, type of services they provide, how long they have been in business, basic business information.

Pricing Breakdown

The next section can be a break down of the areas and specific costs associated with the service. In this area most cleaning contractors will also offer service options but they are only recommendations and not 100% necessary.

For carpet cleaning they might be stain protection or commonly known products like scotchgard . For commercial buildings removing furniture is sometimes offered as an option if the building manager is looking to reduce cost and save money.

Deodorizer, now some cleaners offer this at no additional cost but many will charge an additional amount of money especially in commercial buildings where the areas can be large.

Detailed vacuuming and wiping down of baseboards are also an additional service some businesses might include.

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References, Associations and Membership Groups

In this area of the estimate a carpet cleaner might add specific business references of clients, projects they have completed or are currently working on.

Associations, any certified industry training their company or employees has gone through and completed.

Membership groups can be pretty diverse but some examples can be BBB Buffalo, Buffalo Niagara Partnership, town chamber of commerce like Amherst.

In larger commercial estimates, sometimes we might even include a case study covering a similar client and all the details on how that project was a success.

Project Description

This last section covers scope of the job, what was noticed during the inspection, frequently asked questions or any specific questions that came up during the inspection.

Our general layout is industry, carpet type, conditions, our solution, service recommendations long and short term.

Example: Solution:

– Detail vacuuming along edges and in corners.

-Power scrub using a carpet scrubber and olefin pre-conditioner

-Clip frayed/loose fibers in waiting area

– Steam Clean using a van based heavy duty extraction system

– Apply an encapsulation treatment to prevent spills from coming back and provide some protection

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