Why Is Grout Cleaning So Difficult?

Most building managers and owners recognize cleaning ceramic tile and especially grout can be very difficult. The tile itself can have crevices that soil gets stuck in and needs to scrubbed out which usually means hand scrubbing. Mopping over time doesn’t remove all the soil and even seems like a waste of time when soil becomes hardened.

This only loosens soil on the surface and while residue remains embedded deep in the pores of grout or the tiny crevices of certain style ceramic tile.

The frustrating part for facility managers is even when you are able to loosen up some of the grime unless you can extract right away it just seems right back into the grout and becomes stained all over again. Unless you move super-fast!

Cleaning Solutions

Most household cleaning solutions work fine, another challenge is most of us use too much detergent without rinsing after. So, what happens is if we glug glug the detergent in a mop bucket without a thorough rinsing afterward the “soap” dries on the surface and does its job. Which is collecting dirt. If you do need to use an excessive amount of household cleaner always mop a second time with straight water to rinse away all the soap residue or the grout will just re-soil right away.

Shop vacuums can be used to extract the soil fast after scrubbing if working in small 4×4 areas at a time. The key is not to let the area dry. Best case would be to apply household cleaner, scrub with a brush, vacuum the dirty water away and rinse immediately.

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