Why Hire Professional Carpet Cleaners with a Truck Mount Machine

When business managers, building owners and homeowners look to hire a professional carpet cleaner, should they look for cleaners with a “truck mount” cleaning system or van-based unit?

Generally, equipment questions are not very high on the list of questions clients ask when looking for contractors. My experience is most people don’t need to know the hyper-technical details a professional service has but just a general idea or category.

The three main categories for consumers would be:

  1. Portable system
  2. Truckmounted system
  3. Scrubbing or low moisture machine

When looking for a service, I wouldn’t make it an end all type of question. But for heavy duty carpet cleaning or what we would call restorative cleaning that is only done annually or maybe even over several years. We would recommend looking for vendors with van-based or heavy-duty equipment.

Now there are exceptions and we have all three types of equipment. Today we are going to explore the benefits heavy duty units.

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Which Carpet Cleaning Machine is Best to Hire

The next level in a long-term carpet maintenance program is restorative cleaning. The function of this level of cleaning is deep down removal of accumulated particle soils, residues, contaminants. Periodic deep cleaning helps to maintain a healthier indoor environment and can extend the useful life of the carpet since more dry abrasive soil is removed.

Why Hire a Professional

High performance hot water extraction is generally considered to be the best restorative cleaning system. Most carpet manufacturers even recommend it anywhere from every 12 – 18 months.

High performance hot water extraction systems use a powerful truck mounted cleaning system that uses of water cleaning pressures, higher cleaning solution temperatures, and higher vacuum recovery characteristics.

This accomplishes 3 things: Heat activates the cleaning solutions and make them perform at a higher level. High water pressure flushes out the carpeting and the powerful vacuum removes all the soil and dirty water back to the van for disposal.

This cleaning process can also be aided by the use of special tools. Power brushes and rotary jet extraction wands can do a better job of complete residue removal, and enhance drying. Due to the inherent rinse in the procedure, the hot water extraction system leaves negligible residues and cleans deep into the carpet pile removing large amounts of contaminants and pollutants