Why To Schedule A Dedicated Carpet Cleaning Program For Your Office

Commercial office building’s have significantly more foot traffic and people than a residential home. Depending on if the space is serving the public like a retail building or private office that only offers business to business services, foot traffic can vary from a couple dozen people to hundreds and even thousands per day.

This is why creating a dedicated carpet cleaning program for commercial space is so valuable. The goal for most managers and owners is to prolong the life of their carpeting and get the highest possible return on their investment.

Weather in Buffalo = Muddy Carpet

The type of soil found can vary greatly based on the industry of the company. Some examples are food service areas like restaurants, manufacturing and industrial plants, professional office space (insurance, accountants, lawyers, etc) and retail.

In the Buffalo NY area one of the biggest challenges is our weather, clients, employees and vendors walk around with boots caked in mud, slush. Often businesses will apply a lot of salt to entrance ways to avoid slip and falls. Unfortunately salt residue can really build up extending out 50 feet from an entrance and really become an eyesore.

Muddy Commercial Carpet Buffalo NY

Sample Cleaning Program

By creating a dedicated cleaning program, businesses can stay in front of this problem and keep their building looking and smelling fresh year round. A program can be a combination of in house employees, janitorial service and a commercial carpet cleaning service, this doesn’t have to be an all or nothing question.

Example: inhouse staff spot cleans daily spills and carpet cleaner steam cleans the entire office 1x year while cleaning the hallways and common areas 2X year. This would be a great and inexpensive way to maintain a building annually.