Can Carpet Cleaning Lift Pile On Matted Carpet

One question manager, property owners and homeowners often ask is will carpet cleaning lift pile after a professional cleaning. Most carpeting looks worse when it has a matted down look. Depending on the carpet fiber and natural light in the space this can make an office space or home look even darker or not show off the full colors.

The simple answer is yes, absolutely.

There are some simple steps homeowners and building managers can take on a daily, weekly basis and then the different tools a professional will use.

Building Manager & Homeowner Tools

For daily, weekly maintenance there is two simple and inexpensive tools people can use to keep the carpet pile from becoming matted down.

One is using a vacuum with a brush system, every time you vacuum those brushes will firm up the pile. The key here is keeping the brushes relatively new. If you don’t have the ability to change them yourself then contact a local vacuum sales retail store to replace the brushes for you every year. Once bristles become worn, they stop firming up the carpet pile.

Number two is a carpet brush or rake; this is a simple tool that cost $20 or so and can used to brush the pile up after vacuuming or cleaning.

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Professional Carpet Cleaners

When hiring a professional carpet cleaner, we have several commercial machine options that would be impractical for a business or homeowner to buy. Before a steam cleaning we can use a carpet scrubber that digs out compacted soil and lifts the carpet pile.

Some of the machines to ask about during a quote or estimate.

Carpet scrubber- we use the cimex carpet scrubber which is a planetary brush system that counter rotates. The main head goes in one direction and has 3 smaller brushes that go in another direction. This is a great professional tool for commercial buildings.

The big challenge in commercial buildings is compacted soil, most of the carpet fibers are tiny. Offices can have hundreds and even thousands of people pushing that soil into the carpet every day.

Brushpro system is another tool pretty popular among commercial cleaning services. This system uses a cyndrical brush that digs deep down and pulls up hair. This system is especially popular in residential homes.

Pet hair is a common reason homeowners hire a professional company, the brushpro system is uniquely designed to dig deep to pull all that hair out. Most residential carpeting has longer fibers where this tool is especially effective.

This is a quick overview of will carpet cleaning lift pile.

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